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By Margaret

Earlier this week, I emerged from the house to a sunny day, made brighter by the reflection off the newly fallen snow. Of course, Oliver & Kevin had departed more than an hour earlier, so I hadn’t seen them that morning. I looked out from the porch and saw a sprinkling of tiny foot prints emanating from the house, around my car, onto the lawn, back to the empty spot where Kevin’s car had stood. I saw that while Keven cleared the snow from his windows and mine, Oliver had cavorted around in the snow. All I could think of was those Family Circus comics where “Little Billy” wanders all over the neighborhood and we see his footprints marking his travels!

Even after five years, it is a wonder to me how something so simple, and made by him unconsciously, can tug at my heartstrings. Heck, before I had him, I didn’t even know I had heartstrings.

The ending of this story is that when I climbed into the jeep and warmed it up, I looked down at the hood, and a perfect heart shape was scribed into the snow frosting it. What a gift from my boys!


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  1. Coney Island looks a lot more attractive than I thought it would. It seems to crop up quite a bit in Detective / Mystery novels always with very sinister baddies wandering around in the dark!

    Very impressed with all the ‘contributors’ to your blog!

    Love all the photos.

    Cheers dears

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