How Time Flies

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I can’t believe my little boy is eight today.  I planned to use this blog to write about our adventures traveling with a young child.  We got so busy traveling and growing up, I now have notes from several trips we took years ago, but I never posted about it.  He requires almost no special attention now, other than the fact that he barely eats regular food.  But, give the kid a chicken nugget meal in the car, and he’ll gladly sit with us in any restaurant and let us enjoy our exotic cuisine.  Throw in the DS, and he’ll sit quietly all night!

The only time he's ever been "Static"

Here he is getting a makeover at the Maryland Science Center.  He loved it even more at 8 than at 6.

This effect of hair standing up on edge worked better with the girl with long blond hair, but obviously I am not posting someone else’s picture up here.

He actually got to do an experiment last month when we were there:

He is evaluating the relative effectiveness of dish soap, household cleaner, and bleach on germs.  He had to come up with a hypothesis, set up a control test tube, and add the agents to the other tubes.  He then exposed the tubes to ultraviolet light, where anything alive would phosphores.  He found that bleach was most effective, which confirmed his hypothesis, but we were surprised to find that dish soap was more effective at killing the germs as household cleaner!  They had results of the experiment done by real scientists, and we found that Oliver’s results were consistent with theirs.  So, he is a real scientist!

Great visit to the “Wet Lab.”


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