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Oliver’s First Camping Trip

Ok, first of all, for you hard core campers out there – this is just one step more rustic than the Holiday Inn, but we’ll just call it camping and be done with it.

Last fall, Kevin, Oliver and I headed down to North Carolina for a great festival outside of Asheville:  The Lake Eden Arts Festival, also known as LEAF.  We had been to it in the past, before Oliver was born, and were looking forward to seeing it through his eyes:  Music…dancing…kid-friendly crafts…camping, and excellent food.  What other outdoor festival serves gourmet French crepes for lunch?

A few days before meeting up with our friend Mary at the campground, Kevin logged to the fesival website to get a time table and learned that it was sold out.  That’s right, no more tickets to be had!  Well, all three adults had taken time off of work, and the little one had his heart set on missing school, so we were not about to give up on our camping trip, so we set out on the long drive.

We had a great time:  Spent time with Mary, visited the Biltmore Estate and Table Rock, ate ice cream, and even visited his Carolina Cousins on the way back.   Oliver had never had s’mores before, an oversight we quickly remedied.  Now he’s a big fan.


First Campfire

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First Campfire, originally uploaded by MAKNJ.

Baked Sweet Potato Falafel

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Baked Sweet Potato Falafel Recipe – 101 Cookbooks

Seriously…I am going to beg my sister to make this with me this weekend.

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