My King Cake Story

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Since leaving New Orleans, we’ve been forced to get our King Cakes by mail.  It’s expensive, but worth it.  I favor Manny Randazzo’s, plain cinnamon.  This year, my loving spouse ordered one as a birthday cake for me.  Saturday, he told me, “I have good news and I have bad news.”


“The good news is, the King Cake was delivered.”  Mmmm.  That’ll soften the blow for whatever his bad news is.  I was still thinking about yummy sweet icing and crunchy sugar when he gave me the bad news.  “They left it by the front door, and the critters got at it.”

Wha?  No, not MY birthday king cake.  But there it was, a cardboard UPS box decorated with Mardi Gras colors, with a huge hole in it through which I could see bite marks taken out of the cake!

And no, I didn’t cut that part off and eat the rest!

But I thought about it…


This Year’s First Trip to Great Adventure

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As dictated by Oliver, age 5:
I went with Mommy and Daddy to Great Adventure on Saturday. It was cold but there were no lines. We got our season pass cards and then I went on some rides. I went with Daddy on the flying elephants, and then with Mommy. After that I went on the monkey swings and the rickshaw. Then it was time for Tiger Show! I watched big white tigers who had an act. A funny man said things with sound effects. The tigers chased balloons and popped them! They went in the water too. Then it was time to go on the teacups. I went with Mommy and Daddy. I was soooooo dizzy! Daddy and Mommy were dizzy too. After that we went into a store where it was nice and warm. They had cool things there. Lots of candy, and shirts with Justice League!
Today I woke up and I played Candyland. I beat Mommy and Daddy like all the games of it. Then I found where the Easter Bunny put my basket. It was behind my bed! I ate some chocolate candy and it was delicious. But what is that funny stuff that they put in the chocolate egg?

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