Daddy and Oliver’s Fun Day

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by Daddy

I had a lot of fun with Oliver yesterday going to the Ultrasonic Superfantastic Kids Day. They had a lot of fun things that we tried, including a lego making tent, the Teddy Bear Hospital, a magician, and inflatable snake obstacle course, and REAL bulldozers that you could climb on. Oliver also played in New Jersey’s biggest sandbox, and watched the Mad Science show. At the Mad Science show they made green slime, and made cups stretch, among other things. Now he knows what a polymer is! Oliver went on 2 rides in the carnival section, ate pizza, and watched Captain Bogg and Salty, some famous singing pirates. It was a great time and we will surely come back next year.

Now with all that fun, guess what his favorite part was? Rolling down the grassy hill! Well that’s a four year old for you.

Photo by Chris Owen

Photo by Chris Owen


My Coney Island Adventure

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by Oliver

Today I went to Coney Island with Mommy and Daddy. I had never gone there before. Aunt Mimi, Matt & Michael came and I got to ride there in their car. Nana and Pop Pop came. We went to the original Nathan’s where everybody who liked hot dogs got to eat. I don’t like hot dogs yet, but I had some good snacks. I also chased some sea gulls that tried to come by our table.

Coney Island is cool. They have a beach and I dug in the sand. The waves came and got my legs wet. The water was cold!


They also have a big ferris wheel called the Wonder Wheel. I rode on the rocket ships with Matt and Michael. After that we went to a bakery in Brooklyn that had yummy cookies that had chocolate on them.

Vocabulary and Phrases

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Hi, Margaret here.

Lately, I’ve been noticing Oliver using word and phrases that I can’t believe are coming from the mind of a four year old! Does anyone have similar stories about their kids to share?

His current favorites:

Small Intestines
Invisible Protective Shield

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